What A Time To Be Single

An app that is switched off 6 days of the week and secret singles events for New Yorkers.

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 You can't just download the app or attend an event, you must be a member. All sexual orientations welcomed.


Tell your single friends ASAP

Every Thursday, the app comes to life with people near you who also want to date that day. 

We also run events. Now that's exciting!


Not sorry

Think differently about being single. Why? Because being single is exciting and won't last forever.

Empowering. Assured. Refreshing.

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The day for dating

Got dating app fatigue? You're not alone. Become a member to use the app that only switches on every Thursday.

Worth being single for

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6 days of the week, our app tells you to f**k off...and it's not even sorry.

Because there's more to life than dating apps



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Plus we host exclusive events at some of the sexiest spots in the city.


Secret. Original. In-person.





You're probably not expecting to see Bumble's Insta below, but we think their content is brilliant so why the hell not?

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